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Lash Studio Remover

Lash Studio Remover

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Introducing our clip-on lash bond remover, the perfect solution for removing your false lashes. The product is designed to make the process of removing your lash segments quick and painless, without the need for any additional tools or products.

apply the product to your lashes, it is easy to use and control. Simply soak the remover onto your lashes and wait for the adhesive to dissolve, without having to touch or apply any additional products.

Our clip-on lash bond remover is a must-have for anyone who loves to wear false lashes, but wants to remove them with ease. The adhesive dissolving feature ensures that your lashes are removed quickly and efficiently, without any residue or mess.

Overall, our clip-on lash bond remover is a convenient and effective solution for anyone who wants to remove their false lashes with ease. With its clip-on design and adhesive dissolving feature, you can say goodbye to the hassle of removing your lashes with traditional products. Try it today and experience the convenience of our clip-on lash bond remover for yourself!


brush our remover over the top & bottom of your lash segments. Wait 20/30 seconds, then gentley brush through or get a wipe to remove. Repeat this process if needed.

Once you have removed the lashes you will have bond residue on your natural lashes. This can be sticky so repeat the removal process on your natural lashes until they are free from bond residue.

Do not apply a new set of lashes without cleaning your natural eyelashes. If there is any remover residue left on your natural lashes you will not successfully be able to apply a new set. The remover will work as a barrier. 

When removing the lash segments be very gentle aa the segments can be used again. The segments can be cleaned using our Lash Foam.

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