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Clip On Lash Clusters / Segments

Clip On Lash Clusters / Segments

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Perfect for Individual Use OR Salon Stock Use! Introducing our Clip-on Lashes: Individual Sets with a stunning range of styles and sizes to enhance your natural beauty. Say goodbye to lengthy salon visits and hello to voluminous lashes in the comfort of your own home, without the downtime. With six exquisite styles to choose from - Mermaid, Straight, Spike, Kriss Kross, Wispy, and Dramatic - you'll find the perfect lash look for any occasion.

Each pack of our Individual Segments is a game-changer, allowing you to create 4-12 fresh sets, depending on your desired level of intensity. The segments can be easily applied, offering a hassle-free experience that saves you precious time. Plus, you can reuse them multiple times as long as they are cared for correctly.

We understand the importance of maintaining impeccable hygiene. That's why our Clip-on Lashes are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring maximum wear and longevity. The Large size consists of 12 rows, providing a generous supply for those seeking a fuller lash effect. For a more balanced look, our Medium size offers 8 rows, while the Small size contains 4 rows, catering to those desiring a delicate touch.

Explore even more lash styles with our new large pack, featuring two different lash types! Available Now!

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