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Clip On Lash DIY Home Kit

Clip On Lash DIY Home Kit

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Embark on your lash application journey with our DIY home kit. Create salon looking lashes in the comfort of your home. Experiment with different looks. Try out the natural or dramatic styles whilst exploring with different lengths. 

Whether you're a beginner venturing into the world of lashes or an experienced professional looking to expand your expertise, our kit has you covered. Mix and match two styles of your choice or indulge in two boxes of your favorite style for added versatility.

Inside the kit, you'll find:

  • 2 boxes of lash segments
  • 1 bonder
  • 1 sealer
  • 1 tweezer

This comprehensive selection of essentials equips you with everything needed to achieve flawless lash application and unleash your creativity. Start your lash journey today and experience the convenience and quality of our Lash Kit.



Before applying your lashes make sure your natural lashes are make up and oil free, and completely clean and dry. 

1. Brush a thin coat of the bonder onto your natural lashes. You might want to just add some bonder onto the cluster segment and this will connect with your natural lashes. For longer duration you can use both application methods. if You do not need to brush the bonder all the way up your natural lash. This can make your natural eyelashes look clogged, We recommend not applying mascara whilst using clip on lashes. 
Once the bond is applied, wait for 30 seconds for the bond to go tacky.
The lash segments with then clip into that tacky mess. 
Lash Tip! We recommend applying from either the outer corner of your eye or the inner corner of your eye, working across your lash line. Never from the centre. 
Once you have completed one eye, you can then apply the bond to the next eye and repeat.

Lash Tip! Less is more. To much bonder will make the lashes to sticky. 
2. Gently peel your cluster from the tray using your tweezer.  Remove all the lashes and put them in position on your tray using a lash mapping technique. Remember to use the same length of lash clusters on both eyes. Never use more lashes on one eye as this will make them look odd. Each eye should have exactly the same lashes on. 

3. Using your tweezers pick up your cluster from the end section of the lash (not the base.) Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes by lifting the lash cluster against the root of your natural lashes, using an up and out motion.

Make sure no adhesive is on the tweezer as this will stick to the lash cluster. If you have glue on the tweezer, make sure to clean this off in between lash applications as it can stick to the cluster and the tweezers. 

4. Once you have applied all lashes to the eye you're working on, then use your clamping tool to secure the lashes into place. 

5. Then finish by Applying the 'Seal' using a dabbing motion to the upper and lower sides of your finished lashes. Do not brush or pull the wand through your lash clusters. The seal will eliminate any sticky residue and cure the adhesive bond. ONLY seal the lashes where you've applied the Bond, taking care to avoid the tips of the lash clusters.

Be careful not to apply the sealer all the way through the lash cluster as it can leave residue and cause the clusters to go hard and clump together.

6. Once your lashes are set in place, using your  clamp again to secure lashes. When clamping, focus on the base of your natural lash line where the lash clusters are bonded to, as this will ensure your lashes will not lift or move, giving a long lasting finish. 
Make sure your applicator does not have residue on. We do have tweezer cleaner available to help assist you. 

We recommend keeping your lashes away from water and steam for 24 hours after application, just like you would with lash extensions.

your lashes should not irritate you and if you feel any discomfort we recommend removing immediately. 

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Remove your lashes and keep your natural lashes in top shape with our effective lash remover! Our gentle formula leaves your lashes looking beautiful and clean without any residue. Plus, our remover helps protect your natural  lashes. 


brush our remover over the top & bottom of your lash segments. Wait 20/30 seconds, then gentley brush through or get a wipe to remove. Repeat this process if needed.

Once you have removed the lashes you will have bond residue on your natural lashes. This can be sticky so repeat the removal process on your natural lashes until they are free from bond residue.

Do not apply a new set of lashes without cleaning your natural eyelashes. If there is any remover residue left on your natural lashes you will not successfully be able to apply a new set. The remover will work as a barrier. 

When removing the lash segments be very gentle aa the segments can be used again. The segments can be cleaned using our Lash Foam.

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